This Land Is Mine (???)

A brief history of the land called Israel/Palestine/Canaan/the Levant.
from Nina Paley

Of the first people to the State of Israel and the Palestinian militants … Thousands intervening years, thousands and battling for the final victory in this bloody land of the Middle East.

Several contenders are: Egyptians and Kanaites, Assyrians and Israelites, Babylonians and Macedonians, Ptolemies and Seleucids, Maccabean and Romans, Byzantines and Arabs, Crusaders and Ottomans, Great Powers of the West, Palestinians and Zionists and Hamas / Hezbollah, Israeli state and Palestinian militants .

Different each time the winner, but one the greatest of all: the Angel of Death …

Who’s-killing-who viewer’s guide here:

The song used to “dress” this amazing animation is The Exodus Song (This Land Is Mine) by Ernest Gold and Pat Boone, pursuant Andy Williams.

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